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Critter Haven Foster Program

We LOVE foster homes! Fostering is the backbone of rescue. The animals that are brought into rescue are all in danger of losing their lives due to overpopulation in local shelters and foster homes literally save their lives.

By fostering, you are providing a temporary living situation for an animal while they are awaiting transport north to our partnering rescues. We help with many approved medical expenses and provide high quality food. Foster families provide shelter, care, love, and the guidance to make animals a well adjusted family pet. The number of animals we help save depends entirely on the number of people who will open their homes to fostering.

The biggest reward for you and the animal?

How Long Can I Expect to Foster a Pet?

Fosters will keep animals an average of 2 weeks but sometimes 3-4 weeks. When an animal is placed in foster care they have a designated spot on a transport. There is no need for the foster home to try to find a home for their foster animal. Some pets will need a little more time because of illness, injury, or behavior issues. Before you agree to foster the pet, we will make sure that the pet has a partnering rescue to go to.

We think that you are going to love fostering. Rescued pets don’t expect much. They want to be loved and valued.

There are a few things that we consider essential for foster homes to provide and that we require:

  • Provide a safe, clean, and caring environment for the animal.
  • Provide food, water, exercise and socialization as appropriate.
  • Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems and provide any medications as directed.
  • Contact the Critter Haven Rescue Center emergency contact immediately with any issues.

If you feel that you meet the criteria for a foster home, Please apply..

Foster Homes Needed!

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